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PestFree is the Premier Pest Control and Rodent Control Company in Seattle and Portland

Welcome to PestFree, Seattle and Portland’s premier pest control company!Seattle house rodent free PestFree is a family owned and operated company and a long standing member of The Washington State Pest Management Association. Our PestFree Team consists of licensed, experienced, highly trained pest control service professionals who specialize in pest inspection, pest management, insulation installation, insulation repair and crawl space repair.  Our employees have a detailed knowledge of how our damp northwestern climate increases the need for effective pest control in Seattle and in Portland communities. We combine years of pest exterminator experience, expert care and attention to detail to control  pests, rodents, moles and more. Our goal is to remove the pests and stress from your life while taking great care of your home and family. Pestfree provides expert rodent and pest control in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver and surrounding communities including Kirkland, Lakewood, Lynnwood and Beaverton.

Experienced Pest Control in the Seattle and Portland Communities

Portland and Seattle pest controlAt PestFree, our main objective is to control pests in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. We are always searching for the latest, safest, and most eco-friendly methods of pest management to ensure your home is pest free. Our pest control technicians specialize in rodent control, moles, spider control, bee control, cockroach services and ant control. We understand that each customer has unique concerns, which is why we provide a tailored approach for each client, designed with your specific needs in mind. We are proud to provide you localized, green pest control service that is safe and environmentally friendly at prices you can afford. Our home and commercial pest control services begin with a thorough pest inspection that includes an integrated approach to solving your pest problems through various green methods and applications.

Portland and Seattle Rodent Control Services

Rats and mice invade homes in search of food, water, and shelter. Rodents can cause structural damage and potentially severe health issues by transmitting diseases. This is why rodent control is such an integral part of an integrated pest management service.  Rodents nest in insulation material in crawl spaces and attics and in the process destroy insulation as well as cause damage to the structure. In addition, rodents often chew threw electrical wiring and weather stripping which can potentially lead to a house fire. Rodent droppings can also carry diseases as well as other allergens, toxins, and bacteria. Our pest control exterminator experts are trained to use effective rodent control and rodent exclusion techniques. Nearly 90% of the pest management our exterminators perform, includes various programs for rat control and mice control and their removal.
Effective rodent control and rodent removal consists of sanitation, rodent proof construction designed for rat exclusion and population reduction by our knowledgeable exterminators. Sanitation and the implementation of rodent proof construction are necessary preventive measures for rat control and mice control. In the case of an existing rodent infestation, some form of population reduction, such as rodent trapping or exterminating, is almost always necessary. Call PestFree today for any rat removal or mice removal services!

Insulation Installation Services

insulation installHaving the proper amount of attic and crawl space insulation is not only energy-efficient, it can also prevent pest infestation. Effective insulation companies implement an integrated approach of insulation and pest control. PestFree is not simply an exterminator; we are also an insulation company. We are one of the few pest control companies that offer insulation installation and repair services in Seattle. Insulation services are most beneficial when implemented in conjunction with an integrated pest management and rodent control program. Due to the effects of moisture, pests, and decay over time, insulation becomes outdated and ineffective over the years, especially attic insulation. Insulation repair, by an experienced insulation contractor is necessary to ensure the home is as energy efficient as possible.

The US Department of Energy stated that less than 20% of homes are properly insulated. Ensuring that the home has proper insulation will not only save money on heating bills, but might also qualify for a 10% tax credit up to $500 for special weatherizing services, such as adding insulation. Our insulation contractors will remove and clean up existing insulation, air seal any permeations, install new insulation and wrap any water pipes. For Seattle insulation installation services or for Portland or Seattle pest control service, please give us call.

Crawl Space Repair and Restoration

If you are unhappy with the condition of your crawl space or crawl space insulation, you’ve come to the right place. At PestFree™, we specialize in drywall cracks, uneven floors, foul odors, heightened allergies, asthma symptoms and any other state of disrepair a crawl space may be in. Most exterminators do not offer crawl space repair services. Whatever the issue, we have experienced attic insulation contractors and the products necessary to be the insulation company and solution you’ve been looking for. Pest Free® provides customized care to ensure that our insulation installers transform a musty crawl space into a clean, dry, and energy-efficient place.  For crawl space repair in Seattle or pest control in Portland, Seattle or Northern Idaho, call PestFree today.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

A regular, vented crawl space can often have high levels of humidity which can cause wood rot, foul odors, poor air quality, and mold growth. If your home currently has a vented crawl space, consider updating your home to an energy efficient encapsulated crawl space. Encapsulation creates a vapor barrier that locks out moisture and seals crawl space vents. Crawl space encapsulation can not only prevent moisture damage, but will also save money on energy costs and helps to prevent pest infestations. Encapsulating your crawl space will improve your family’s quality of living, as well as increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to any potential future buyers.

Exterminator Serving Seattle, Portland and Northern Idaho

Service Areas – PestFree proudly offers pest management, crawl space and insulation installation services in Seattle and surrounding areas including Kirkland, Lakewood and Lynnwood. We also provide PestFree services in Portland area including Vancouver and Beaverton as well as Northern Idaho. To view our full list of PestFree service areas please click either Seattle pest control service areas or Portland pest control service areas.

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